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Boston Edisson Turns to Rubber Roof Solution

Ropac’s Perma-Seal Roofing System Solves Office Trailer Roofing Problem

PLYMOUTH – If you’re in charge of keeping the rain out of a multi-million dollar business, you want to get it right the first time. Steve Marrama, senior supervisor for facilities and equipment at Boston Edison’s Nuclear Plant, was faced with just that challenge when he had to fix roofs on office trailers around the Plymouth reactor. Marrama had to make the same kind of decision posed to many people who live in mobile homes and get tired of fixing those annoying leaks mused by flat roofs and poor drainage.

He’d gotten tired of patching the old aluminum roof with tar and placing wastepaper baskets under each new leak when it rained A man in his position needs to make the right decision and, after all the leaks, it was obvious a new roof was in order.

Boston Edison called Ropac Roofing when there were leaks in trailers outside the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant.

The trailers had been on the site for five years, housing security personnel and documents he didn’t want covered with rainwater on a regular basis.

Wanting to get the most economical yet effective deal, Marrama did what many business and home owners would do: He consulted the Yellow Pages and called a few local roofers for estimates. One of the companies he called was Ropac Roofing Co. Inc. of Middleboro, specialists in rubber roofing. Before that, Marrama hadn’t known about rubber roofing.

Perma-Seal membrane works easily in all temperatures.

Mobile home owners unaware of the advantages of rubber root, often turn to the traditional solution: An “A” roof built on top of the trailer. This often stops the leaks, but at great expense to the owner. Ropac owner Bob Carter provided a videotape for Marrama, highlighting the advantages of Ropac’s, one-piece Perma-Seal EPDM membrane with a lifetime guarantee. Carter never recommends A-roofs for mobile homes because of the weight and high cost and Pilgrim never considered an A-roof because the opportunity to save money through Ropac’s Perma-Seal Roofing System offer was too good for a businessman like Marrama to pass up.

Not only did Ropac provide a guaranteed no-leak roof. they also included two inches of insulation that save the company heating dollars in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer. The roof can cut annual energy costs as much as 30 percent in a mobile home.

“We liked the insulation and the fact that it was one continuous skin with no scams”. Marrama recalled. “Other methods didn’t offer that and the company was local. It was just what we were looking for.”

Ribbing on the trailer had made leaks difficult to find and repair, but the insulation placed between the ribs made it possible to cover the whole trailer complex with one layer of rubber.

Perma-Seal EPDM is not a coating that must be spread on. It’ s a one-piece rubber membrane with vulcanized scams developed by Uniroyal.

The Perma-Seal EPDM membrane is finished with an attractive trim.

Steve Marrana senior supervisor for facilities and equipment at Pilgrim knows he made the right move calling Bob Carter and Ropac Roofing when his roofs were leaking.

Then, there was Perma-Seal’s track record. Big corporations like General Motors, Sears and AT&T trust the EPDM rubber membrane to protect millions of square feet of roof space covering their investments. Those companies cover millions of square feet, but the average office trailer owner has only 500-700 square feet of roof to worry about.

Marrama also was impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the Ropac crew, especially under severe weather conditions. The company, had decided to do one of the office trailer roofs in the middle of July, which has some of the hottest weather of the year. When that worked out well, they decided to replace the roofs on the other trailers in mid-December, which was one of the coldest Decembers on record. Ropac got the job done each time with no problem. “We called them on short notice and were impressed how they worked under the weather conditions”.

Marrama said “Our people were watching them out the window as they worked in the freezing cold.” “Bob Carter even offered to come in on Christmas Day to do some finish work, but we didn’t want him to do that”, he said.

The Perma-Seal membrane won’t crack or rupture, no matter what the outside temperature is. It also reduces wind-induced roof rumble, an annoying problem with many metal roofs.

Most office trailer roofs are much easier than the challenges posed by the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant and are generally completed in just one day.

With the Perma-Seal system, sealants arc not necessary. And, they. come with a lifetime guarantee.

Tired of hearing that steady, damaging “drip… drip… drip”?

Want to know the best way to protect your office trailer from the ravages of the unpredictable New England weather? Maybe a Perma-Seal rubber roofing system by the Ropac Roofing Co. with a lifetime guarantee is the answer to your roofing woes. Ask Steve Marrama of Boston Edison. He’ll tell you.

Ropac’s Pema-Seal Roofing System solves office trailer roofing problems.